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About Balance Moves

Balance Moves specialises in Barre and Pilates and we have two studios. One in Bondi Beach and one in Rose Bay.

The studios are warm, community-based studios with a focus on quality education, individual attention and real results.  The studios attract a wonderful mix of local residents, visiting Pilates and Barre lovers and a range of celebrities looking to improve their on field or on air performances. All of our Pilates and Barre instructors are highly trained, and share a genuine passion for what they do. What makes us different, aside from our expert instructors and boutique classes, is how much we care. At Balance Moves, we really look after our clients and love being a part of their journey towards physical and emotional well-being. You’re not a number at our studios. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients as individuals, who each have a very unique physicality and their own specific needs. We offer extensive timetables and great value prices and new people are always welcome.

If you find yourself at a desk or on your feet all day, or if you simply want to increase your body awareness, get fit and de-stress, Pilates is the perfect way to re-centre and correct postural alignment, leaving the body calm, stretched and renewed. Want fast results?  Our Barre classes use the Barre Attack method that combines Pilates, Dance and Fitness to give you a full body workout. We help you create a longer, leaner, fitter body to be the best you can be!

Did you know… Balance Moves is the home of Barre Attack, an Australian Barre Program combining Pilates, Dance and Fitness created by the owner of Balance Moves Renee Scott.  Barre Classes are being held in more and more locations around Australia with Barre Attack now taught in over 150 locations.

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