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Bondi Pilates Mat Classes

Our Mat classes are strong and varied and use a range of Pilates props to deepen the intensity of your practise and create a full body workout. We like to keep them small and personalised – with all students receiving individual attention and guidance from our expert instructors. Our mat classes run for up to an hour and incorporate a series of core-based movements using your body as resistance to prevent injury, increase body awareness, and improve strength, flexibility and tone. Classes cater to all levels and we recommend pre-booking online to avoid disappointment. We recommend 2-3 sessions per week but even one will get you started on a path to a fitter lifestyle!

Click here to find out what to expect in your first Pilates Mat class.


Bondi Barre Attack Classes

Balance Moves is the home of Barre Attack.  It was created by the owner of Balance Moves, Renee Scott.

Barre Attack will help improve your posture and balance, it will improve your fitness and flexibility and most importantly it will tone your tummy, butt and legs. You do not require any Ballet or Pilates experience, just a fun attitude and a willingness to work hard.

Please note: Barre classes need to be booked. You do not need any special equipment, many people wear typical gym attire and bare feet or ‘grippy’ socks. Our Barre Attack branded grippy socks are available to purchase at the studio.

Click here to find out what to expect in your first Barre class.


Bondi Pilates Reformer Classes

The Pilates Reformer classes in our Bondi studio are small and focused with a maximum of 8 students, so make sure you book online.

The ‘Reformer’ is a spring resistance machine that lies flat on the floor to shape, tone and align the body.  Reformer is great way to vary and extend your Pilates routine alongside mat classes and private sessions.


Bondi TRX Classes

TRX circuit classes in our Bondi studio are a full body work out incorporating suspension trainers that use your own bodyweight with added cardio intervals for great body results. The TRX method was developed by a former special forces Navy Seal operator to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, that leverages gravity and your body weight to complete exercises for a low impact, high intensity work out.


Bondi Pilates Arc Classes

The Pilates Arc will tone your abdominals, stretch and strengthen your spine and give you a great overall workout. Traditionally called the Spine Corrector, The Pilates Arc will improve how your body looks, feels and performs.
The Balance Moves Pilates Arc classes in Bondi are the ultimate ab workout.  If you want a flat and toned tummy, and a total body stretch…this is the class for you!  Classes fill quickly so make sure you book online.

Bondi Core Attack Classes

Our Bondi based Core Attack classes were developed by the owner of Balance Moves, Renee Scott specifically for those who want an intense workout to train their abdominals, pelvis, lower back and hips.  Importantly the classes are structured to ensure these areas of the body are strengthened and work in harmony.

Enjoy having more balance and strength thru a combination of mat work, standing stability and full body exercises. These functional movement patterns will help you feel better during sport and your daily activities and will also help make you look better.


Bondi Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates, Barre and TRX Classes

This is such a special time in every woman’s life.  We understand that appropriate care and attention is needed to support every woman.  We suggest private sessions or our pre and post natal class options to guide you through the safest exercise options leaving you feeling fresh, energised and aligned. If you are a regular to our Barre Attack classes you may continue until you feel that you need to stop.  In all situations always let the Instructor know if you are pregnant.


Bondi Private Pilates Sessions

Our Private Pilates sessions are frequented by Eastern Suburbs locals, visiting and locally based celebrities, males, females and couples.

The Private studios are equipped with the best Gratz and Basil equipment.  Imported from New York this specialised equipment is hand made and crafted in the way that Joseph Pilates intended. If you want to function better in your favourite hobbies, improve your performance on the field, ensure you look good in front of the camera, prevent injuries, or simply be the best you can be on a mental and physical level Private Pilates sessions in our boutique Bondi studio is the path for you!

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